How is home visit in Rome

 Home Visit to Roma We came back from Transylvania with many good memories, but this one is the one that impressed us the most. We were guests at the house of a Romani family in Valenii Village near Targu Mureş. The two daughters of this family were able to learn English by themselves, as the television broadcast in Romania was in English. In this way, we were able to chat with them about Roman life, about which we knew little. The more we are different, the more we are alike. We reached them through a non-profit organization working for the development of Roma. Families are opening the doors of their homes to visitors with the project they have done with pilot families in several parts of Romania. You can also be a guest at their house to chat for a few hours, learn about their culture or stay overnight. For those who want to be guests, we have shared their information at the bottom of the article. They were very hospitable and generous to us. They opened their houses, gave us clothes